Sunday, 18 May 2014

World Goth Fair 2014: Taxi!!!

World Goth Fair is going strong, so here is one of {MV}s exclusive items on sale at the fair, She. This sexy mesh leather dress is currently available at the Fair, and 50% of its proceeds will go to the SOPHIE Lancaster Foundation. The gloves worn with this dress are also included, and I particularly love these gloves as the fingers are in different positions, so it looks like your hands are posed when they are not :)
      After a night out with friend's, Millie gets seperated from the group of people she was walking home with and wanders into the wrong side of town. An area known for its crime and prostitution. As she rounds a corner, she sees something laying in the street, that she can barely make out in the dim-lighted street... Curious, she decides to go take a look and see what it is...

Stunned to find a young girl lying comatose in the street, still holding a needle in her hand, Millie freaks out and decides to hail a taxi to take her the rest of the way home.

'Wonder City' it is not, Millie thinks.

The hair I am wearing here, is from Damselfly and is also currently available at World Goth Fair, which ends on June 1st.

skin: the little bat ~ Brutal Love skin ~ past hunt gift,
hair: damselfly (includes hair-base) ~ sindy ~ currently available at World Goth Fair,
eyes: heavenslough ~ draesphier eyes ~ was a Fantasy Faire gift,
tattoos: insanya ~ love or die ~ past hunt gift,
eyeliner: beautiful freak ~ demonia ~ currently available here at World Goth Fair,

dress: {MV} ~ She Damask Lavender ~ currently available at World Goth Fair,
boots: {MV} ~ witchaven ~ skulled,
tights: snatch ~ fishnet tights,

earrings: scrub ~ 3 stupid earrings,
nose piercing: pekka,
piercimg 1: hebenon vial ~ alice,
piercing 2: cobrahive ~ monutm (no longer open),

MiLLiE xx

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