Sunday, 4 August 2013

A twist of fate...

In the ongoing Adventures of Flat Rodvik, I decided to make it up to him for frightening him earlier, so I wiped off all my make-up and took him on a date to this luscious tropical paradise. I thought maybe he would relax and start to enjoy himself, but he still looked stiff and impassive. Never had I been on such an awkward date. I'd tried everything, even bought a new dress for the occasion and had my hair done all nice. Maybe Roddy had other things on his mind?

Later that day, as the sun set and the moon rose, Roddy was still stood there by the sea, impassive and forlorn. But where was his hot date??

Face-down in a pool, that's where!! With just one silent witness, the flamingo by his side, Rodvik would have the last laugh - no-one would ever know what had happened to her.

The amazing animated pool is from Horribaubles and is available up on the trailer park for the duration of this event. As soon as  saw it I KNEW I had to fit it into a post somewhere, hehe. As for Flat Rodvik Linden, who knows if he will ever be seen again?

Here's a lil close-up photo of myself, so you can take a closer look at what I was wearing before I was so brutally offed, hehe. This adorable dress is from Rotten Defiance, and is available in 6 equally kitschy-cute textures at Flux.

Skin: aeva ~ Selene - t1 - Adored,
Hair: truth ~ video games - blonde 2 (past Arcade item),
Eyes: rotten toe ~ visions of death,
Feet: Gos Boutique ~ Barefeet - Arched,
Make-up: kokolores ~ flower eyeshadows - fruity (now available at Flux),

rotten defiance ~ Kitsched dress - London (now available at Flux),

truth ~ orange roses (Past Arcade),
nails: [virtual/insanity] ~ summer #1 (nail appliers worn with slink enhancement hud),
necklace: AZE ~ coral & puka shell necklace (now available at Flux),

Pose 1 (pic 1): Purple poses ~ Friend pose (Previous hunt gift),
Pose 2 (pic 3): Pretense Poses ~ available as part of the 'Tacky' pose set now available at Flux.

One other thing, the adorable flamingo ornament is also available at Flux and is made by Weather or not?

MiLLiE xx

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