Sunday, 11 August 2013

Lil Twisted preview...

As you may, or may not be aware (how??!) the now infamous Twisted hunt is returning in September for it's 10th outing!! With a theme which is RIGHT up my street- carnival!!! I am sooo excited for this! Sredni Eel (of Avatar Bizarre) very kindly sent me their hunt gift to preview. Their gift is a part mesh Mad Hatter outfit, which is highly detailed and skilfully put together, well worth the (probable) hour or so it will take to locate the pesky lil box it will be hidden in, and includes the hat I'm wearing too.

You can't see very well from this picture, but I am also wearing a new release from horribabules- these kooky wooden teethm which I love! These teeth are animated and features small drips of blood coming form them! Here's a closer picture:


skin: plastik ~ Astrali// Pale Dream (previous fifty linden friday),
hair: ploom ~ tart,
eyes: pin me down ~ haarken (Mad City game, ends August 31st),


costume: avatar bizarre ~ Madder Hatter (Twisted hunt preview, will be available when the hunt starts September 1st),


make-up (eyes): pin me down ~ haarken,
make-up (lips): pin me down ~ Tiken (NEW for Thrift Shop),
mole: MOCK cosmetics,
tattoo: corvus ~ carved cross,
teeth: horribaubles ~ wooden delights,

pose: kirin poses ~ burlesque (available at Collabor88 August).

Twisted Hunt starts September 1st, check out their blog for participating stores and more info here.

MiLLiE xx

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