Friday, 20 July 2012

Fish for Sn@tch!!

Its been a while since I have fished for anything in SL, but when this week's Sn@tch notecard dropped into my inventory and I saw the fishing prize, I just had to dig out my ol' fishing rod and sn@tch it up! *eye-roll*


Hair: ploom,
Skin: [VoiD] Songbird,
Eyes: Repulse (Depraved Summer Love gift, sorry hunt is now over),
Outfit (including shoes): Snatch (you need to buy a seven seas fishing rod from the fishing vendor, and wear it to be able to 'fish' this up! There are 21 pieces you need to fish up individually which make up this outfit).

Happy Fishing!!

MiLLiE xx


  1. LOVE the outfit & the shoes! Thanks for reminding me about this. I'll have to look in my black hole of inventory to find my fishing pole.

  2. haha, your welcome! Happy fishing!! And if you get stuck, I have some spares I may be able to throw your way :)