Friday, 31 July 2020

Death by Summer

So today, it's HOT where I am and as you all know, goths don't tend to do well in the heat! lol. I'm probably the exception in that I do enjoy sitting out in the sun, but I burn easily so can only manage it for short periods unless I'm wearing a ton of sun-lotion! I guess Millie feels the same as she seems to be struggling with the heat too, although she is rocking it better than I would with some of the amazing items that she got from Suicide Dollz this week. Here she is perfectly attired in the paola swimsuit from sass accompanied with the adorable heavy metal flip-flops from Blasphemic- which are a lil sneak peak from Necrosis - Year of Decay, which opens today! She has brought along her coffin floatie from things and stuff in case she fancies a swim. But if not, no doubt she has she has a good book hidden away in her beach bag from peaches. She is also sporting brand new ink from Redfish, which is why she is mostly sticking to the shade to protect it from warping while it heals! That's her excuse anyway!

skin ~ Lure ~ Rebecca,
tattoo ~ Redfish ~ My Soul ~ available at Suicide Dollz,
nails ~ Midnyte creations ~ rose lace nails, available at Suicide Dollz,

swimming costume ~ sass ~ Paola ~ available at Suicide Dollz,
flip-flops ~ Blasphemic ~ heavy metal ~ available from Necrosis from today!

earrings ~ Oops ~ Ouija earrings,

coffin floater, black flamingo ~ things & stuffs ~ available at Suicide Dollz,
beach umbrella ~ Lilliths Den ~ Burton beach umbrella,
beach bag clutter ~ peaches,

Enjoy the heatwave while it lasts and stay safe!

MiLLiE xox

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