Sunday, 27 February 2011

Pretty in Pink

Sometimes, very rarely, but sometimes I like to wear pink.

Don't I look just adorable?? The absolutely gorgeous dress I'm wearing is from Wretched Dollies, and was available for half its usual retail price yesterday (Saturday 26th February 2011) as part of the weekly Dolly Dash sale, if you are lucky, it might still be half price! It was also available in red and blue if you aren't such a big fan of pink. If you like the dolly style then you need to check out the Dolly Dash group, they have weekly sales and hunts, and are fast becoming THE go-to place for dolly stuff. The boots I'm wearing are also from Wretched Dollies, these are available on the lucky chair for a limited time!

The skin I'm in was a group giftie from Edge of Sanity to The Thrifty Goth group, I totally love this skin, its just soooo pretty! The doll joints are included ON the skin. Finally the gorgeous hair is available on the lucky boards over at Ray Skin. The boards are group only, but its free to join.

So go, do some shopping then stalk those boards/ chairs! Razorblade kisses and demented dreams,

Milly xx

The slurls:

Wretched Dollies
Edge of Sanity
Ray Skin

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