Saturday, 12 February 2011

My Bloody Valentine

Ok, so I meant to include blood and shiz in this post, but I dunno, something happened and it just kinda went all cutesy instead, haha, hope you love it anyway!

This stunning dress was available at Katat0nik for 50L this past Fifty Linden Friday, and I just couldn't resist buying it, even though its not my usual dark style. It's so beautifully made and gorgeously detailed, perfect for any doll! It kinda made me think of burlesque shows, so I slipped on a pair of lace gloves I had lying around, grabbed my favourite hat off the hat stand and headed out into the night.

If you hurry the dress might still be available for 50L, so hurry if you want it, and I hope you have as much fun with it as I did!

The skin worn, is the latest group giftie from Tacky Star. It comes in three tones, goth, pale and tan. I'm wearing the pale version. If you are not already in the Tacky Star group you seriously should join right now, Aura is so generous with gifties and full of win!!

And make sure you head over to Favole. Themis has been an absolute workaholic this past couple of weeks and has got TONS of new releases for your shopping pleasure, including these so awesome new boots, Refine. They are beautifully sculpted laced boots, with exquisite deatiling of a rose and chain at the back of the boot. The picture really doesn't do them justice, as they could not be more perfect, if only they were colour change ;)

The blurb:

Dress - Katat0nik - Dark Valentina dress,
Lace Gloves - Rag Dollz (as part of the Velvet Doll outfit),
Hat - Wretched Dollies - Little Stella Hat,
Boots - Favole - Refines (absolutely mega beand new Favole release, ty Themis \0/),
Skin - Tacky Star - Iki Misery (pale),
Necklace - Skin Deep/ Little Pricks (Tainted Heart hunt giftie).

Razorblade kisses and demented dreams,

Milly xx

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