Tuesday, 18 January 2011

Side Show Freaks UPDATE!!!!!

Oh. My. God!!! The ever awesome and amazing Aura Falta of Tacky Star has placed out her Side Show Freaks Hunt lollipop, its a lil late, but I can honestly say it was worth waiting for. In her gift is the gorgeous 'Aftershow' skin available in three skin tones, goth, pale and tan. This skin is dark n dirty, just the way us demented dollies like it, hehe!! This doesn't happen often, but here's me in my undies, lol:

This is the super-amazing goth tone:

yes, those are scratches you see down the back *giggles*

Pale tone:

And this is tan:

And just in case you needed any more reason to get on this hunt and grab this giftie, here's a close up shot of that amazing make-up.

Other items worn:

Red Velveteen Undies - Wretched Dollies (currently in the lucky chair)
Poses are from glitterati, juxtapose and slash me poses.

Why are you still here? Get hunting freaks!!

Milly xx

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