Friday, 14 January 2011

Dilly Dolls & Extend a Helping Hand.

First I want to say 'hi' and Happy New Year to you all, I know it's late, but I've been soooo busy with RL over the holiday period, so I apologise for my lil hiatus, and on with the show, so to speak. If, like me, you are fed up with all the cold, wintery weather in rl, here's a cute lil outfit that is sure to cheer you up, but today's piece also comes with an important message.

This gorgeous fae-like dress is one of many new releases from Dilly Dolls and comes complete with two different types of wings, both available in glowy and non-glowy versions for the win, and is available in eight simply gorgeous colours!

The boots I am wearing are another new release from Dilly Dolls (Oriana has been a busy lil beaver, hehe). These are the absolutely gorgeous new Sonata boots, they are available in dark, light and metallic colours and can be completely texture customized! Just a lil fyi, these do not come with invisiprims, so you have to be on a viewer 2 compatible viewer to wear these properly.

Both these are also currently included in the Extend a Helping Hand event, which runs from January 11th- January 31st, so if you buy them now 50% of your purchase will go towards assisting Australians affected by the disastrous floods in Queensland. If you are a lil short on lindens and can't afford to buy something, there is a donation box set up so that you can donate whatever you can afford.

This event has been organised by Sanura Sakai of Sanu whose own home town is one of those that is flooding. For more information, please see her personal blog: KatJohnston.

Other items worn:

Hair - Dilly Dolls - Melany,

Skin - Mango, Mango - Purple Space Alien Skin (giftie in the purple hunt, not sure if its' still available).

Razorblade smiles & demented dreams dolls

Milly xx

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