Monday, 18 July 2011

Cupcake dollie!

I'm ashamed to admit it, but I do quite like pink in sl *shudders*, lol. I would never, EVER wear pink in RL, but it just looks so cute and girly in SL that every now and again I can't resist it, lol. So I was really happily surprised by the latest hunt offerings from Malfean Visions. They have put out this cute pink cupcakes dress as their Dolly Dash Summer Fun hunt giftie, and also these cute lil cupcake earrings as their Cupcake Wars hunt giftie. Just an FYI, Lokii has said that once the dolly dash hunt is over this dress will be retired and will NOT be going on sale, so if you want it, you better get on the hunt and grab it!

I simply LOVE this cute dolly hair, which was BC322's hair fair gift (sorry this is now over :( ), but it was very difficult trying to get an angle that would show you the MV earrings, anyway here was the best I could get, I think you will agree that these are absolutely adorable though!

The skin I'm wearing, which I think complements this look perfectly, is from Favole. Themis has been making osme really lovely skins, make sure you check em out!


BC322 (Hair fair giftie, no longer available, sorry),
Skin: Favole - Morning Glory,
Dress: Malfean Visions - Summerdoll (Dolly Edition LE, Dolly Dash Summer Fun hunt, ends 31st July),
Earrings: Malfean Visions - Cuppycakenoms (Cupcake Wars Hunt, ends 13th August),
Slit throat: Repulse,
Eyes: Insufferable Dastard,
Pose: Still Life.

The best thing about cupcakes in SL is, they don't make you gain weight or rot your teeth!!

Twisted dreams and razorblade kisses,

Millie xXx

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