Friday, 11 November 2011

Its insanity!!

haha yeah I know, my titles suck, lol. Oh well, least what I have to show you is good :) So its Friday, which means comfy casuals for me. Here I'm wearing Sakides' shredded leggings and bloody perv dress/ top, which are currently available on their Midnight Manias, if you can lock them down :) It's difficult to see from my photo, but the dress/ top has bloody handprints over the bewbs, hehe. I have accessorised this urban look with the beautiful 'The Oracle' choker from Virtual/Insanity. The Heavy Cross belt and Heavy Cross rings are also from VI.

The template debate rages once again elsewhere on the web. For what its' worth, my opinion is this; 1) everyone has to start somewhere, and 2) not everyone is skilled in sculpt making/ manipulation, and 3) others simply don't have the time to fully prepare each item they sell from scratch, so they use sculpt maps. In my opinion, that's what sculpt templates are there for, for designers to use them as a BASE to their own creations, then add to it with their own textures/ ideas to make it their OWN. This is what Loviathar Hellman has done with this choker. Yes, the necklace and the ankh are both sculpt maps, but she has retextured this herself and added her own lil sculpted gems onto the necklace to make this an original idea. If designers stopped using such templates, creativity, and therefore productivity would fall dramatically, as would sales and the SL economy would be even worse than it is now.

Peace dolls!


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