Tuesday, 4 September 2012

Fairest of them All!

OK, so I was on plurk a few days ago and one of my plurk buddies mentioned this cute lil fairytale themed hunt; Fairest of them All, which ends on the 15th September. As I am obssessed with fairytales I ran out and did this hunt as soon as I could! FYI, each gift is L$5, there is a blog with hints and preview pics here.

I love this outfit from LoveCats, its naughty but nice and still instantly recognisable as Snow White. The outfit also incudes a flexi mini-skirt. To complete the look, I am wearing the hunt gift skin from Jesylilo, hunt gift hair from Tameless and the gorgeous look-delicious-enough-to-eat apple earrings from [Virtual/Insanity].


Skin: Jesylilo ~ SnowWhite (FOTA gift),
Hair: Tameless ~ Helena (FOTA gift),
Eyes: Umeboshi (FOTA gift),
Tattoo: flaunt ~ Briar Rose Tattoo, (FOTA gift),
Outfit: LoveCats ~ The Fairest, (FOTA gift),
Earrings: [Virtual/Insanity] (FOTA gift),
Necklace: LouLou&co (FOTA gift),
Mole on face from MOCK Cosmetics.

Happy Hunting dolls,

MiLLiE xx

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