Saturday, 1 September 2012

Horror Haute!

Sooo sorry Im late with this, things have been super-hectic at home what with the school holidays then getting the kids' ready to go back to school! Never enough hours in the day, lol. Anyway, there's some cute stuffs out for Horror Haute (as always), make sure you run round and get what you want before everythings' back up to full price!

I particularly loved this dress from Souzou Eien. This appealed both to my love of the macabre, and also my love of Victorian/ Steampunk goth, so this was a MUST for me.


Dress: Souzou Eien ~ Kureji Loli Mesh Dress (hat included, 4 colours available, L$50 for Horror Haute),
Skin: Iren ~ Betty (available at the Vintage Fair),
Eyes: Sn@tch ~ Snatch Gloss Eyes,
Hair: Wasabi Pills ~ Gloria,
Slit throat: Repulse.

Happy Shopping dolls!

MiLLiE xx

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