Thursday, 8 November 2012

Woefully Late...

Heyas dolls, I just wanted to show you some of the cute bargains that were available in this weeks' Woeful Wednesday, unfortunately due to rl work I am late in posting this, and I can only apologise if they are no longer set for sale for L$50, but if something really catches your eye and it is back to normal price, why not treat yourself and get it anyway? :) Some of the other items shown in this I have already blogged, but they are, obv, some of my favourites cus I am still wearing them!

This photo was taken in the Old Diner, which was this weeks' Woeful Wednesday offering from Del's Odd Shop.


Skin: Mystic Canvas ~ Silver Skin,
Hair: Rotten Toe ~ zombie hair (very old group gift),
Eyes: Nomine ~ stained contacts (Halloween subscribo gift),
Blood: Nomine (Halloween subscribo gift),
Top: miseria ~ catfight bodysuit (exclusively previewed at Cinema, should now be available in store),
Jeans: evolve ~ bloody jeans (exclusively previewed at Cinema, should now be available in store),
Boots: {MV} ~ Spinal Tap boots (previous WW),
Ring: Hysteria ~ This is Halloween (previous HH),
Foot-nom: Meat 'n' More (was available for L$50 at this weeks WW).

MiLLiE xx

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