Tuesday, 12 January 2021

Polar Prom

 Hey gothlings, so at the weekend I finally got to hang with *other people* as I was invited to a prom by a friend of mine, Arya Mcleod. I really am trying to make more friends this time around in SL. So it was nice to get dressed up for an event, rather than just to blog! Off course, I wanted to show you what I was wearing anyways, because it was sooo pretty and I truly felt like the Belle of the Ball! 

All pics were taken here. The first and last photos were tasken by Arya McLeod. For a look at her photos, please check out her flickr.

~ dOllPaRtS ~
skin ~ amara beauty ~ holly ~ Christmas group gift,
hair ~ tableau vivant ~ vlodovic,
lips ~ spookshow ~ frosted lips,
tattoo ~ Mister Razzor ~ Ava,
nails ~ Dark Passions: Koffin /Nails ~ coal dipped & frosted,

~ WoRn ~
dress ~ Oubliette ~ Xmas Ballgown,
collar ~ vibing ~ Ember collar,
crown ~ [bubble] ~ syanara halo,

MiLLiE xox

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