Sunday, 12 August 2012

Vintage Fair Shoot-out!

There was trouble down at the Vintage Fair. Hoards of fashion-crazed broads descended onto the streets of the Fair desperate to get their hands on the latest fashion bargains! A fight broke out between the seperate fashionista gangs. Amidst the chaos a blood-curdling scream was heard. I ran down the cobble-paved street, towards the sound, my gun ready to fight off the masses. I rounded a corner and there, down the dimly-lit alleyway was the screamer. A woman who looked like she had been poured into her dress, a simple red scarf tied around her neck, which did nothing to hide her breast-line. She took my breath away, and for a moment I almost forgot why I was there.

"Mister, mister... there's a... a..." then she lost her composure and vomited on the ground. Just behind her, there was a body. Damn she was a looker. Shame about the bullet in her head. I reached into my inside pocket and took a swig out of the whiskey flask I kept there for times like these. Now to find out who killed her, and why. Was she an innocent victim caught up in the Vintage Fair crossfire, or was it a premeditated kill, covered up by the ensuing chaos?


Skin: [CIA] Designs ~ Bettie Skin (Vintage Fair),
Shape: [Iren] Betty (New at Vintage Fair),
Hair: Wasabi Pills ~ Gloria (MESH: New at Vintage Fair),
Tattoo: Glue Ink ~ Pretty Psycho,
Corset: {MV} Mafioso Corset (MESH: New at Vintage Fair),
Pants: {MV} Execution Pants (MESH: New at Vintage Fair),
Shoes: {MV} Cleaver Heels (New at Vintage Fair),
Bullet-wound: Repulse,
Wounds on arms/ hands: Eternal Darkness,
Pose: Just a Pose ~ available on marketplace.

P.I. M. Gloom

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