Sunday, 3 February 2013

Tainted Horror

Hi dolls! I mean to do this post in the middle of last week, but then I had majooooor problems with SL where I couldn't rezz/ see mesh, then I couldn't tp anywhere, and then I couldn't stay logged in for longer than a few seconds at a time, ugggg. Anyways, I *finally* seem to have got things sorted out again, so here's the post I intended to do then.

Here's another Horror Haute post, which I've I combined with some of the hunt gifts from the Tainted Love Hunt, which is brought to you by the ghoulishly-brilliant minds behind Woeful Wednesday. The hunt started just this week, and runs til the 28th February, there are some truly amazing gifts with a macabre twist to find, so do not miss out on this!

One Valentine's Night, Millie was waiting for her lover to arrive. This was their first anniversary, and they had planned a very special evening in celebration. She wore her new lingerie from, and brushed her hair til it shone, waiting for him.

She grew bored, and paced around the room. He was late.

Little did she realise that her lover was not one for celebrations. He had something else in mind. When he finally arrived, he asked Millie to lie on the bed and to close her eyes while he lay down on the bed beside her. He gently stroked her cheek, then pulled out a dagger from his boot and plunged it into her heart!

The skybox used in these photos, is the Tainted Love hunt gift from Dragon Magick Wares, and the bed is the Tainted Love hut gift from Stone Misery. It has both single and couples animations (unfortunately I had no male volunteers to play the part of Millies' murderous lover so I have not shown any of the couple poses), and also gives out the cuffs, which create chains in certain poses, effectively chaining the wearer to the bed!). The light fitting on the ceiling is from Almost Wonderland, and has 3 cute poses included (but not shown here).


Skin w/make-up:
Anymore ~ Kimmi/ blood (was out for Januarys' Horror Haute),
Hair: Exile ~ Buffy,
Eyes: Beautiful Freak ~ Evening/ Crimson (These were out for last week's Woeful Wednesday, and are are quite possibly my favourite eyes right now!),
Lingerie: Distorted Dreams ~ Zombie Hands,
Ears: Gauged,
Piercing: Cobrahive ~ Montum (sorry no longer avaialble, store closed),
Dagger & bloodstain: Sn@tch (Tainted Love hunt gift),
Pose (when standing): The Muse Poses ~ from the Peace set,
Ceiling light: Almost Wonderland ~ Queen of Hearts Chandelier,
Bed: Stone Misery (Tainted Love hunt gift),
Skybox: Dragon Magick Wares (Tainted Love hunt gift).

Happy Hunting!

MiLLiE xx

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