Monday, 4 March 2019

F*ck Anxiety

Hey gothlings, long time no see! I have come back to SL. I dont really know if its a permanent return, there's lots going on in my personal life, so I guess we'll see. One thing I don't talk about a lot is that I have anxiety and depression. People throw around these labels casually when they don't really get what living with depression and anxiety is like. It's hard, and it is a daily battle for me from the minute I get up til the minute I go to bed again at night. I literally only think of the day ahead, because thinking any further than that seems like a lifetime to me. I barely plan anything beyond that day, which is hard. I try to envision what I'd like my future to be like, and I just can't see past the current day. I'm getting to a point in my rl, where most people are settled in their careers, their families, their homes, and i'm not. When I think about it too much I get anxious that I'm leaving everything too late, and then I get depressed thats its already too late! It's a never-ending spiral of self-doubt and fear, serving only to ensure that I never actually achieve anything! Anyways, I'll shut up npw, you don't need to hear my life story, lol! This look is inspired by the face mask from Dappa,which is currently available at Whore Couture 3.

mesh body ~ maitreya ~ lara,
head ~ catwa ~ candy,
hair ~ truth ~ Astra ~ Valentines gift,

mask ~ Dappa ~ Anti-social mask ~ Whore Couture 3,
top ~ oubliette ~ Black Pearl Maria bikini,
shorts & tights ~ blueberry ~ pia,
necklace ~ suicide dollz ~ group gift,

leather whip ~ pacagaia ~ Whore Couture 3,

Nails, I believe are by Dark Passions!

MiLLiE xox

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