Sunday, 11 October 2020

The Greatest Show on Earth!!!

 Hi gothlings, well I'm not sure if you heard or not, but by some lucky accident Necrosis is running an extra week! Which is awesome because that means you still have time to get your hands on some of these wonderful gothly delights! This week, Millie is a crazed clown nymph, courtesy of CX for the awesome horns, Dark Love for the adorable outfit- perfect for a daring acrobat perhaps and the unbelievably wicked clown make-up from Spookshow

So, roll up, roll up, ladies and gents, boys and girls, chlidren of all ages, come into the circus! You wont believe your eyes! Come and see the most twisted show in town! Is that just make-up, or is that... something else....?!

~ dOllPaRtS ~
skin ~ Kio-Kio Starr ~ Neptune (BOM!),
hair ~ Truth ~ poetry (group gift),
horns ~ [Cerebrus Crossing]Apis horns available at Necrosis,
black fade tattoo (arms) and tail ~ Dark Love ~ part of Pandora set available at Necrosis,
blood layers ~ Izzie's,
clown make-up & nose ~ Spookshow ~ available at Necrosis,

~ wOrN ~
skull outfit & boots ~ Dark Love available at Necrosis,

~ aCCeSoRiEs ~
party hat ~ Spookshow available at Necrosis,
halloween choker ~ Spookshow ~ hunt gift @ Necrosis,

~ pRoPs ~
balloon ~ Spookshow available at Necrosis,
butchers knife ~ lock & tuft,

~ pOsEs ~
pose 1&4 ~ Izzie's ~ pin-up poses,
pose 2 ~ Serendipity Poses ~ alberta ~ available at Necrosis,
pose 3 ~ Zombie Suicide ~ Ira,

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