Thursday, 1 October 2020

Til death do us part?

 Today was meant to be a very special day for Millie, one of the happiest days of her life. The day that she finally got to marry her one true love, Sid. But as Millie and Sid pulled up to the creepy abandoned... post office(?) in the middle of nowhere, she began to feel something wasn't quite right, but she couldnt put her finger on what exactly it was that was making her feel uneasy. It might have been the creepy hearse-looking horse and cart that they had arrived in. Or the oddly blood splattered wedding gown that her beloved had insisted she wear. Or even that he had insisted riding to the secret, undisclosed venue with her. I mean, wasn't seeing the bride before the ceremony meant to be bad luck? Seriously it was like a bad episode of 'Don't tell the bride'!

Goodness knows exactly WHAT happened inside the creepy old building, but it wasn't long before Millie was desperately calling her freind, Evie to come and rescue her. Luckily, as dawn was breaking, Evie hurried to the rescue on her magnificent bat. Better not question what the heck happened to Millie's face though, ok? 

~ worn by MiLLiE ~
dress ~ Infernal Alchemy ~ Antoinette's Gown ~ currently exclusive to Necrosis,
headpiece ~ Implings ~ Nightshade headpiece ~ currently exclusive to Necrosis,
cross necklace ~ Absen ~ Dead/ Big cross
angry skull head ~ Angry store ~ currently exclusive to Necrosis,
lantern ~ Asteroidbox,
ears ~ Beauty of Darkness ~ Feronia ~ 25% OFF and exlusive to Necrosis til 11th Oct,
tattoo ~ Germinal ~ Highgate tattoo ~ currently exclusive to Necrosis,

~ worn by EvIe ~
hair ~ TRUTH ~ Reyane,
dress ~ ALTAIR* artemis dress (wizarding faire item, not sure if it's in the store),
cat on head ~ {-Maru Kado-},
Rideable Giant Bat ~ MadPea,

post office ~ Immoral Designs ~ Necrosis Post and Parcel ~ currently ONLY available at Necrosis,
well ~ Immoral Designs ~ penny well ~ currently ONLY available at Necrosis,
horse & cart ~ BJSS ~ Death Express ~ currently exclusive to Necrosis,
creepy window monster & wall decor ~ Liliths Den ~ Gdanagla ~ currently exclusive to Necrosis,
Gorey rose bush ~ Infernal Alchemy ~ currently exclusive to Necrosis,
Large bloody Jack o'lantern ~ Angelic Designs,

For all other prop information please visit Evie's blog.

Happy hauntings!

MiLLiE xox

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