Saturday, 21 September 2013

Clowning around in DeadPool

So, Twisted Hunt is well and truly under-way, and if you haven't started it yet then, whyyyyy haven't you??? You don't have much longer left to get your hands some of these amazing gifts that are sneakily hidden away :) Here's a few more that i wanted to show you.... oh, and in case you haven't heard, there's this amazing Carny-themed sim just opened up, Dead Pool, which I felt was perfect to shoot these twisted delights in. I took sooo many photos here, and I really did find it difficult to choose the best ones to show you, so I decided to put them all up on my flikr!

For LOTS more pictures of my adventures in Dead Pool, please check my flickr here.

skin: mystic canvas ~ heckle skin ~ nonsense (Twisted Hunt gift),
hair: wasabi pills ~ melissa (currently available at the Arcade gatcha),
eyes: rotten toe ~ veiny red (Twisted Hunt gift),
tattoo: love zombie ~ sideshow freak (Twisted Hunt gift),
nails: adore & abhor ~ red drip (nail appliers worn with slink nail enhancement hud),

dress: corvus ~ black/red chain dress (Twisted Hunt gift),
boots: curio obscuro ~ abomination boots ~ mish-mash black (R) and gothic (L) (currently available at the Arcade gatcha),

bracelets: snatch (free at the free*style store),
piercing: hebenon vial ~ jewel,
clown nose: little pricks (Twisted Hunt gift),

clown make-up: czarny kanarek ~ happy clown (Twisted Hunt gift).

MiLLiE xx

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