Friday, 6 September 2013

Time to get Twisted!!

That's right, its my absolute favourite time of the year (second only to Halloween!!!) - that time when the infamous Twisted hunt comes to town, and this time its' theme is Carnival - which has had me giddy like a kid at Chrsitmas ever since I was given a sneak-peeky at the hunt theme, hehe!!! I cannot wait to show you some of the gifts I find along the way, and I imagine this post is the first of many!!

This adorably cute outfit (and skin!!) is the Twisted hunt gift from The Little Bat. It comes with everything you see (except for the hat!!). The hat is part of Goth1co's hunt gift, and the nails are one of Songbird's gatcha items- for L$35 a go why not give it a whirl?!

skin: The Little Bat ~ Carny doll skin (Twisted Hunt gift),
eyes: Rotten Toe ~ zombie eyes veiny red (Twisted Hunt gift),
hair: wasabi pills ~ melissa - ash (currently available at the Arcade),
nails: songbird - dirty tent (gatcha prize - L$35 a go. These are slink nail appliers which only work when worn with the slink nail enhancement hud and/or slink hands.),

gory make-up all from Repulse, including;  lobotomy scar, forced smile, autopsy chest wound, and
slit wrists.

full outfit: The Little Bat ~ Carny doll (Twisted Hunt gift),

hat: goth1co (Twisted Hunt gift).

For those of you new to the Twisted Hunt... it is not called Twisted for the sake of it- it is one of the hardest hunts in SL! With boxes craftily hidden and many tricks and decoys to throw you off the scent! But it also boasts many talented designers who truely go 'all out' with their gifts, so it is indeed worth the headache!! The best advice I can offer is, join the Twisted Hunt group in world- that's where the only hints available can be found!! For more info, and a list of participating stores, check the hunt blog here.

Happy hunting!!

MiLLiE xx

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