Monday, 30 September 2013

A Fond Farewell...

To one of my favourite hunts in SL.. here's some more pictures taken at the Endgame prize location... hope you've all managed to find it!!

skin: punkD ~ Samhain pumpkin (Horror Haute September),
hair: truth ~ Lucia ~ Smoke,
eyes: dabuva ~ carnival mesh eye ~ carnival (RARE Twisted gacha prize),
nails: songbird ~ dirty tent (Twisted gacha item),
tattoo (back): collisions ~ introspection (Horror Haute September),

slashed cheek: repulse,
bloody hands: repulse,
stomach tat: repulse ~ psycho,
eyes: mock ~ monster holiday,

outfit: {MV} The Oracle (Limited Twisted Riot item, or it could also be obtained if you found all the pieces in the side-hunt!),
shoes: {MV} Survivor Series Carnival (Limited Twisted Riot item),

collar: Pandemic ~ Twisted gacha prize,
doll-key: Pandemic ~ Twisted gacha prize,

until next time Twisted folks!

MiLLiE xx

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