Saturday, 11 January 2014

Millie of the Future....

So, a lil while ago, DRBC's Dizzy Delirum made these amazing boots!!! Which I just HAD to have. But, in order to show them to you, I had to have the RIGHT outfit to go with them. Then I remembered an old Blue Blood release, tried them on together and, well you can see for yourself how that turned out :)

2355. Earth Colony 316.

It was gonna be a busy day, the Space Intelligence Agency had received civilian reports of illegal aliens being spotted in the space station. All aliens had been outlawed in the colonies for 100 years, since the Alien Wars, when the then naturalized aliens had conspired with their homelands towards the attempted total destruction of human life, throughout the colonies.My job today as a Cyber Law Enforcement Officer, was to investigate these claims, then find and apprehend any aliens I found. I jumped into my Space Ranger and flew to the Civilian Zone, and began.

After asking around the local taxi-port, I was informed that there was unusual out-of-hours activity going on in one of the android repair shops, so I decided to stake it out.

My stake-out proved fruitless, there was nothing suspicious going on there at all, just work being carried out on the new Cyber Police Droid, whose imminent introduction was apparently going to reduce this kind of leg-work for the Cyber Law Enforcement Agency. It had been an exhasuting and frustrating morning, and I was hungry, so I decided to grab a quick bite to eat at the civilian Sushi Bar. As I came out, I thought I heard the all too familiar 'click-click' sounds of the aliens, I quickly un-holstered my gun and spun round to check it out. But it turned out just to be kids messing about.

Finally, after finding nothing, but a handful of paranoid civilians who were convinced that the 'aliens were coming', I went back to Quarters for some down-time.

skin: mystic canvas ~ beatrice ~ hot rod lip,
eyes: {song} murky eyes ~ kirby,
hair: ploom ~ lola,
piercing: cute poison ~ agelast,
bloody tears: pin me down ~ bloody mess,

~the outfit~
jumpsuit: blue blood ~ beatrix (NEW store location- update your lms!!),
boots: DRBC ~ devolover shoes,

epaulettes: la petite morte ~ gothic victorian epaulette,

MiLLiE xx

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