Monday, 20 January 2014

Demons and Dragons

So I don't often do 'look of the day' type posts very often, buuuut this week I was playing with some of the gatchas over at Oh My Gatcha, and was lucky enough to grab a few things I really wanted, including some of the gorgeous new Dragon's Eye ring and necklaces, as well as Death Row Designs wicked horns, that I just HAD to show to you... The outfit I'm wearing was simply what I was wearing at the time, but overall, I think the look worked out perfect- the accessories seem to pull it all together!
Hope you enjoy the pics. As always, click through to my flikr to see them in their original proportions.

So, I'll let you all into a little known fact... I own lolas!!! haha, yes I do! I never thought I'd want lolas, honestly I was quite anti-lolas at one point, til a dear friend of mine (she knows who she is!!) talked me into getting them, and honestly I think, when used well they can look good! I'm very slow to catch onto 'new' things in SL, I still don't own slink hands for instance, so I don't get them out very often, but when I do I try not to over-inflate them too much, lol. The outfit I'm wearing is from one of my go-to stores, Sakide, and this time I'm wearing one of their new releases that is currently available at the Boobies Show, so off course I had to see how it looked with my lolas! That's my excuse and I'm sticking to it, anyway!

I have accessorized my outfit with the stunning Dragon's Eye ring and choker from the little bat. The ring (as well as necklaces and hair-bows) are available at Oh My Gatcha. I actually started off wearing the matching necklace to the ring, however I had a problem in that it sunk into my boobies! So, I had an idea.... and I asked Drusilla Dethly if it would be possible to make the necklace 'boobie-friendly', or if she could work the design into a choker for all us boobie-loving girls (which I guess I am too!!), and voile! She worked her magic and crafted the adorable Dragon's Eye choker that I am wearing! This choker is available at the main store, and is colour-changeable via hud.

skin: al vulo ~ snow white (previously available at the dressing room fusion),
eyes: dead apples ~ phantom eyes,
hair: tableau vivant ~ ophelia hair (currently available at Collabor88),

bodysuit: sakide ~ stetch bodysuit (currently available at the boobies show),
shoes: deadpool ~ sole bound ~ marilyn,

horns: drd ~ creature horns ~ Dracnoian Dark ~ RARE (currently available at Oh My Gatcha),
claws: ni.ju,
choker: the little bat ~ Dragons Eye Choker,
ring: the little bat} Dragons Eye (currently available at Oh My Gatcha),
piercing: cute poison ~ agelast (FROST event limted edition, no longer available),
tattoo: pelle,
ears: favole ~ latex lies (store closed, no longer available),
brow piercing: la petite morte,

blood layers: repulse, and;
pin me down ~ bloody mess.

MiLLiE xx

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