Friday, 10 April 2020

Zombie Necrosis

Hey there again gothlings! So this post is a lil darker than my recent ones. I decided to play about with Baked on Mesh a bit and see if I could use some of my old favourite gore make-ups for this post! I'm absolutley no photoshop whizz or anything like that and I  mostly do these posts for my own fun tbh, but I hope you like them anyway! So here is my lil Necrosis zombie! If you hadn't worked it out already, most of the items in these pics are currently available at Necrosis - but hurry as it ends April 12th!

I'm not quite sure about the fingernails/ toes, but I believe that's something to do with how the old system skins had no toe-nails/ fingernails on them and I've not quite figured out how to get round that yet, but with these amazing animated mesh nails from GIN it didn't really matter!

~ Body ~
head ~ Catwa ~ candy,
body ~ Maitreya ~ lara,
hair ~ Wasabi ~ Zariah,

~ make-ups ~
open chest wound ~ Repulse,
blood ~ Izzie's,
undead face make-up ~ +Father+currently available at Necrosis!

~ Worn ~
outfit ~ Infernal Alchemy ~ Harmonic Decay ~ currently available at Necrosis!

~ Accessories ~
necklace ~ Infernal Alchemy ~ green eggs and ham ~ currently available at Necrosis!
fingernails ~ GIN ~ bloody animated nails ~ currently available at Necrosis!
moth hair clip ~ the nerdy birdy,

~ decor ~
wall tapestry ~ Infernal Alchemy ~ Luciferian Goat ~ currently available at Necrosis!
totum ~ Lilith's Den ~ Ofnusius Totem ~ currently available at Necrosis!

Have fun, stay safe, keep it SL!

MiLLiE xox

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