Friday, 24 April 2020

Season of the Witch

Hi Gothlings! You know, it's funny how when you start a blog post and you have a general idea in mind of what you want to do, then as you start going through your inventory and putting things together it organically takes on a whole new idea. Well this is what happened here. I was planning for a wholly different look/ theme, then as I wandered Ostara's alter and started collecting up their delightful little hunt gifts (sorry I think this event is now over), this whole other look began to emerge. I had intended for this to be a cute Springy post, but after finding this beautiful eye-patch from Arachnes Garden (which I love so much, I might never take off again! lol) and these adorable shoes from Sadistic Obsession, I just HAD to buy this gorgeous little black dress from Oubliette to go with them! Or... alternatively I could have been wearing nothing BUT the eye-patch and shoes! I guess that would probably have helped my flickr numbers and blog views a LOT! lol.

hair ~ Doe ~ Regina (special edition),
tattoo ~ Byrne ~ Crow Sleeve tattoo ~ (Ostara's hunt gift),

dress ~ Oubliette ~ Cleo lace dress,
shoes ~ sadistic obssessions ~ gothic skull and crosses (Ostara's hunt gift),

necklace ~ Goth1co ~ elegant necklace (Ostara's hunt gift),
eye-patch ~ Oubliette ~ (Ostara's hunt gift),
wand ~ +Muggleborn+ ~ free Stay at Home gift!

floating spells ~ Disorderly ~ paper magic,

table ~ Dragon Magick Wares ~ Ostara Coffee table (Ostara's hunt gift),
pouffe ~ Oubliette ~ gacha prize available at Gachaland til April 30th,
potted plant ~ paper moon (Ostara's hunt gift),
lantern ~ Oubliette ~ gacha prize at Gachaland til Apr 30th,
flower arrangement ~ Angelic Designs ~ (Ostara's hunt gift),
tapestry ~ Oubliette ~ gacha prize at Gachaland til Apr. 30th.

Thank you again for reading and please don't forget to like my photos on my flickr!

MiLLiE xox

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