Sunday, 23 August 2015

Never say never

Hi loyal readers, I know I haven't been around much at all as of late, but having a new baby has sapped my energy and my blogging mojo, as well as my SL time. But, things are getting easier now, So I am slowly returning to business as usual! I have bought myself a small plot of land, and am starting to feel the blogging itch again! I can't guarantee how regularly I will blog right now, it'll just be as and when I have the time and energy! So, I'm not gonna commit to any events right now, until I know I can manage that into my hectic homelife lol!


skin: NS ~ Angelina ~ Sultry smoke,
hair: damselfly ~ brandell (free SL Free & Offers group gift),
eyes: Ama ~ Blackout eyes,
nails: rad designz ~ slink sparkles burst (free in store- old hunt gift),
tattoo: para designs ~ creeper,

dress: sakide ~ Merula,
boots: sakide ~ Tira,

rings: cute poison ~ spiked ring and zombie suicide ~ crow skull ring,
choker: the little bat ~ familiar choker/ crow (WTgoth event),

embody ~ neo 2 and flirt 4.


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